Quel tailleur choisir lorsqu'on est très mince ?

Which suit to choose when you are very thin?

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All the silhouettes are beautiful!

Being thin is a valuable asset that deserves to be celebrated and showcased in style. If you are one of those women with a slim or even very slim physique, you have the chance to explore a multitude of clothing styles that will enhance your slim figure.

Today, we reveal all the secrets to choose the ideal suit when you are a slim woman who will highlight your elegance as well as your figure!

How to dress when you make 34 and 36?

Create volume: choose the ideal cuts and materials

The ultimate goal of the very thin/skinny woman is to create volume and relief in outfits.

Very thin women have the advantage of being able to wear all materials in clothing, but beware of too tight-fitting clothing which risks accentuating the slender side of the silhouette!

Prefer fluid and light materials in summer (fluid dresses, trapeze skirts, ball skirts, long skirts, fluid blouses, etc.) as well as thick materials in winter (chunky knits, leather, jeans, fur, etc.).

Adopt the oversized style

You have surely not missed the fashion posters that display silhouettes with very oversized and trendy styles! Even the biggest brands have adopted this very casual look like Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint-Laurent, Balmain etc...

And why not you ? Thin women often have a naturally more angular figure. Get out of the frame and play with the structures of the clothes. Be at the forefront of style by adopting an oversized blazer jacket and flowing pants for a very trendy style!

A visionary designer, in charge of women's tailoring, Yves Saint-Laurent had already imagined women's tailoring at the time, playing on feminine/masculine styles by creating silhouettes with wide, unstructured shoulder pads.

Colors and patterns: your allies!

Colors and patterns can work wonders: Don't settle for dull, neutral hues! Dare to use bright colors and bold patterns to bring life to your outfit. Thin women can afford to play with vibrant shades like green, red, fuchsia, electric blue or yellow! Floral, geometric patterns or vertical stripes will add dimension and dynamism to your silhouette.

The details that make the difference: brooches, buttons, lapels and pockets!

Slim women can take advantage of subtle details to add interest to their outfit. Gold buttons, contrasting lapels, asymmetrical pockets or thin belts are all elements that can make a difference and bring a touch of originality to your look.

For your blazer jackets, opt for brooches that will bring volume to your chest and add a very elegant touch!

Don't be afraid to venture into the details, as they are the secret to a unique and personalized outfit.

The linen suit: the ideal summer outfit for thin women

Because TAILOR QUEEN puts each woman at the heart of its collections, it was inconceivable to create a line of suits without thinking about very thin women.

To adopt a sophisticated and comfortable look even in summer, TAILOR QUEEN has designed the LINEN QUEEN range of linen suits from size XS ( size 34 ) to size XXL ( size 44 ).

With a slightly oversized style, the TAILOR QUEEN linen suit is the ideal outfit to add volume to slim silhouettes.

Thanks to its fluid pants and high waist, the TAILOR QUEEN linen suit draws the waist and highlights the silhouette.

It is GUARANTEED femininity to adopt a daily outfit or for your events (weddings, evenings, parties, etc.).

Tall and thin: the linen suit