Pourquoi le tailleur satiné est la tenue idéale d'invitée de mariage ?

Why is the satin suit the ideal wedding guest outfit?

Choosing the perfect outfit for a guest

Finding the perfect outfit when you're invited to a wedding can be quite complicated, even very confusing. The TAILOR QUEEN team guides you here to wear the right outfit and look dazzling and glamorous on the day of the event!

And our choice obviously goes to the satin suit.

This type of suit is the ideal choice for women who want to be sophisticated, elegant and stylish. A real no-fault for a wedding!

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of wearing a satin suit set and how to make it unique!

Satin: a noble and elegant material

The origin of satin: a production long kept secret

Initially reserved for a certain Asian elite class , the technique of making satin has long been kept by China.

It was much later, in the 12th century, that Italy finally pierced the manufacturing secret and opened up the marketing of the fabric to the rest of Europe.

The fabric is usually made from a combination of silk and polyester, which makes it soft and luxurious to the touch. Satin is a lightweight yet strong fabric, making it ideal for formal occasions such as weddings and evenings.

The satin suit is comfortable to wear

A multi-faceted outfit

Wearing a satin suit to a wedding has many benefits. First of all, it is an extremely versatile piece of clothing that can be dressed up for a wedding or other occasions as well (evening, ceremony, gala, birthday, etc.).

Second, it's an elegant and timeless choice that will never go out of style. Third, it's incredibly comfortable to wear, making it perfect for long days of celebrations. Finally, it's a great way to highlight your curves and your femininity.

Make a mark, adopt a unique style

A very glamorous style

The satin suit sends a very glamorous image, worthy of Hollywood stars on the red carpet! Wearing a satin suit is the way to mark the occasion of this happy event and to provoke the "wow" effect!

The satin suit gives presence and charisma. A straight jacket cut as well as straight or slightly flared trousers are elements to favor to create fluidity and have movement in the silhouette.

Personalize and make your tailor unique

The ideal accessory: the tailor's brooch

To make your outfit even more unique and exclusive, what better than a brooch to add a very personal touch.
Whether it's floral brooches , or brooches in the shape of birds (owl, etc.), TAILOR QUEEN offers you a whole selection of brooches of different sizes to complete your wedding look!

Where to find the ideal satin suit?

Premium satin suits from TAILOR QUEEN

Finding the perfect satin suit for a wedding can be tricky and above all of poor quality (too light, wrinkles quickly, bad fall of the fabric, etc.) This is why we have developed a whole range of PREMIUM satin suits derived in 4 colours: orange, red, brick and midnight blue.

Indeed, TAILOR QUEEN satin suits are particularly reinforced on the inside and give a heavy and incredibly qualitative fall.

In addition, the high-waisted pants and the double-breasted jacket give a certain ease and comfort.

The color of the suit is to be chosen very wisely according to the natural complexion of the skin and thus to highlight the face.

Don't hesitate to ask our team for advice via the chat, who will be happy to guide you!